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Is Call Centre high staff turnover an ever present necessary evil?

The Call Centre Turnover Churn: Any manager that has run or worked with a call centre knows that the recruitment treadmill is a constant grind that operates on an ongoing basis. It is a process that reviews CV’s, selects likely candidates, conducts various interviews and assessments and places the required number of people into the positions [...]

The Missing Link – The Loss of Human Connection at the Office

When did we stop caring about the people we work for and with? Sure we say we care about our friends and family and yes we say that caring about people we work with expends a very precious resource, emotional energy. And when I refer to care, a patronising placatory comment is not showing that you [...]

Managers as Coaches through Internal Coach Training

The role of manager is a very difficult one. Not only does a manager have to make money and meet business objectives but in the modern business environment he/she is also expected to be a “peoples person”, able to motivate, solve personal problems and extract high performance out of all his/her staff. The reality is though [...]

What do you get when you have a Meta-Coach?

What is a Meta-Coach? A Meta-Coach embraces and uses the science of Self-Actualization Psychology. Meta Coaching is based on the Neuro-Semantic Models that are leading the field of Coaching in terms of: Human functioning Communication Change and Transformation Self-actualization System Thinking and Business Excellence Coaching is facilitating through questioning, giving feedback, and operating as an expert [...]

Can you coach a leader?

During all our conversations in boardrooms we see that leadership development for self-actualizing leaders and companies; who can tap the creativity and intelligence of people and facilitate peak performance is a hot topic. It gets attention, it arouses interest and it elicits passion. The question is why “coaching for leadership development?” and what’s unique about the [...]

Can coaching work at all levels in an organisation?

The short answer is absolutely. Coaching in South Africa has been around a lot longer than most would think, however it has been the special reserve of executives in multi-national organisations. There is a movement in forward thinking organisations such as L’Oreal, Dimension Data and smaller organisations such as Future Packaging and CFR Freight to give [...]

Stress – the Corporate Killer!

The word stress derives from the Latin word “stringere”, a word that describes drawing tight, as well as hardship or affliction. Whilst this still applies to stress today, the modern day description is that of a disorder triggered by pressures such as work, conflict, money and family issues. Stress can be induced by both actual physical [...]

Diversity: The ultimate Corporate asset

Diversity is not a social experiment; it’s a powerful force that must be tapped and released. Is Diversity part of the fabric of your company? Does your company honestly have a cultural quilt, or does it have a bland blanket on which you periodically have Diversity Day, with a lunch or dinner featuring the foods and [...]