Can you coach a leader?

During all our conversations in boardrooms we see that leadership development for self-actualizing leaders and companies; who can tap the creativity and intelligence of people and facilitate peak performance is a hot topic. It gets attention, it arouses interest and it elicits passion.

The question is why “coaching for leadership development?” and what’s unique about the “coaching” methodology in terms of leadership?  What we are discovering and realising is that Professional Coaches are essentially modeling the leadership skills that the leader needs.  The result of this is that most effective leaders are coaches in their organisations and most of these leaders have been coached or are currently in the process of being coached. The result is more and more effective, results creating leaders that are unleashing the power and potentials of their people.

In the context of 21st century leadership – to retain “knowledge workers” we have seen that these workers are aware that they have the knowledge; their capital is their creativity and intelligence. These workers are very mobile and will leave if they are not treated well or if the work is not meaningful and enjoyable anymore. This situation is a whole different ballpark from the 20th century leadership. Command-and-control leadership is over and the day of the self-serving leader is also over.

The time is coming, and in many ways is already here, when only the self-actualizing leader who coaches people in an organisation is the real leader.  And that means that leadership isn’t about position, it’s about relationship.  Leadership isn’t about power, it is about empowering, and leadership isn’t about self-interest, it is beyond the leader’s ego, it is about the vision and the people.

In conclusion, the kind of Coaching that will facilitate all of this and that individuals and organisations are now looking for and will increasingly look for in the coming years is self-actualization coaching, the coach that enables leaders to unleash the power and potential in others.  If you can identify with any of the above and you or your organisation wants to embark on Executive or Group Coaching contact The HR Hub for Meta Coaches that are using self-actualization coaching.