Diversity: The ultimate Corporate asset

Diversity is not a social experiment; it’s a powerful force that must be tapped and released.

Is Diversity part of the fabric of your company?

Does your company honestly have a cultural quilt, or does it have a bland blanket on which you periodically have Diversity Day, with a lunch or dinner featuring the foods and customs of various cultures? You may go even farther and bring in a guest speaker to point out the characteristics and unique qualities of a particular group. At some point in the maturing process of the diversity programmes the question needs to be asked, “Are we still talking the talk or have we begun to walk the walk?”

Each of us possesses a wide range of talents, passions and insights that a company can utilize in order to create products and services for an equally diverse world of clients, customers, and consumers. Companies are not simply accepting diversity in the organization; they are encouraging it and embracing it. But then what? Who defines the universe of their operation that will unleash the potential embodied in the diversity of the individuals?

Who amongst us does not aspire to make contributions to the team, the company and the corporation? Not only do we want to contribute, we would like to get the sense of satisfaction in seeing that our efforts have made unique and significant contributions. If you accomplish that, you will be an asset, in every sense of the word.

Assuming that it is valuable to move diversity from a program to an asset, it is prudent to define what that means.
An asset is ….. something that has value, or provides an advantage. Assets constitute the resources of the business.
If diversity is not an asset, what else could it be …. A programme, an initiative, an expense?

In the difficult and challenging business environment that companies are currently experiencing it is important that all resources be leveraged to their maximum!

What is diversity to your company? Is it an asset?
If it is not yet seen to be an asset, you need to contact us to hear how you can start walking the walk. Let us assist you with an exciting intervention that will prove to be significant in your evolution of diversity’s journey from programme to asset. Contact andrew@thehrhub.co.za for more info and to set up a presentation of this unique programme.