What do you get when you have a Meta-Coach?

What is a Meta-Coach?

A Meta-Coach embraces and uses the science of Self-Actualization Psychology. Meta Coaching is based on the Neuro-Semantic Models that are leading the field of Coaching in terms of:

  • Human functioning
  • Communication
  • Change and Transformation
  • Self-actualization
  • System Thinking and
  • Business Excellence

Coaching is facilitating through questioning, giving feedback, and operating as an expert in process or structure to assist the client to move towards effective and enhanced performances.

The Meta-Coach System

Several things distinguish a Meta-Coach:

  • The rigorous training which is experiential, practical and theoretical
  • The benchmarks of each of the core coaching skills
  • The competency requirements for certification
  • The ability to distinguish content and structure in human experiences

These are distinguishing features that set Meta-Coaches aside in terms of professionalism and quality.

What does the Meta-Coach Brand promises to you as client?

A transformational experience when the Meta-Coach assists you to unleash all your human potential.

Where do you find Meta-Coaches?

There are only ,1000 Meta-Coaches in 35 countries around the world; in South Africa we have currently just over 200 Meta-Coaches. If you want to experience the power of Meta-Coaching contact the HR Hub.